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Masterclock Inc. USA is known for the best and accurate clock systems products built for harsh environment.  Masterclock Inc.'s products now have been installed  in Indonesia area  specialy in Power Plant and Oil and Gas industry area. it is capable of multi brand interfacing with other products, It is capable to supply very accurate time sources to DCS and other slave clocks using modern NTP format or robust IRIG-B, IRIG-A, IEEE 1344 standards. Please ask Mr. Prasetyo Oedjiantono ( a Masterclock product specialist in Indonesia area. (3 rd February 2019)


PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika - Data Solusion telah menjadi salah satu provider EDC di Indonesia. Menyongsong cara pembayaran modern dengan mengedepankan teknologi untuk mempermudah transaksi pembayaran maupun transaksi perbankan baik dikota-kota maupun di pelosok negeri. Jadilah bagian dari jaringan EDC PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika. (5 Januari 2019)


PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika ICT business, Industrial Supply and Services, Data Solution and Services

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika has been granted as project executor for "Safety Radio and Public Address Systems" for PT. PJB - UP. Muara Tawar Gas Fired power Plant Projects. This projects includes re - vitalization of Gai-tronics PA systems, Service and Maintenance, Accesstment, Identification whole systems in Muara Tawar GTPP Unit I and II. (SCM - September 2013)

PT. SCM-Industrial Supply and Services has awarded a small scale electrical maintenance works by PT KAI DAOP 1 Jakarta for their buildings in Jakarta. Thank you PT. KAI. (SCM - August 2013)

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika - Industrial Supply has been granted a valuable contract from agriculture sector for delivering Qualified Horse Mares for Aceh Nangru Darussalam this year 2013 (SCM - June 2013)

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika - Industrial Supply has involved in insfratructure project in power plant as well as oil &gas sector by supplying pipe fittings and flanges for local fabricator. This unit business continues building up and gain significant trust from its customers. (SCM - June 2013)

PT. Kereta Api Indonesia has installed Bodet Masterclock System for their Jakarta Stations to replace old analog masterclock installed by Japanese's Citizen. This project has been started last year 2012. The new masterclock system synchronizes all the clocks in the stations to GMT time server. So all the clock in the stations will show on the same time and will increase PT. KAI quality of services and safety awareness for public services in transportation. PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika is proud to be the project executor and will continue to support their operation. (SCM - June 2013).

Mr. Prasetyo Oedjiantono now joining PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika for full timer. The Bodet's, Gai-tronics and Networks specialist is responsible for the support of all Bodet's install base in Indonesia. His 30 years talent in ICT will boost PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika's participation in many insfrastructure projects in Indonesia specially in Networks insfrastructure deployment, Radio Communicatiuons, VSAT, Public Address and General Alarm Systems, Clock Systems, Computers, Server Storages and Security systems etc. (SCM February 2013.)

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