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Masterclock INC. USA Distributor Indonesia

We have been more than 17 years working in this area of clock systems. We know how from design to implementations. We supply leading products having very accurate and stability oscillator for industries application, offshore oil and gas application, Digital COntrol Systems (DCS) monitoring, Vessel, Traffic Management Control, Dealing Floor and Banking industries etc.:

1. Multifunction masterclock systems capable of receiving and transmitting multiple time signal to system wide synchronization to the industry and plant complex, airport, offshore platform, vessels etc.

2. Robust contruction with metal casing, Reliable product with 5 years warranty. Electronics parts made in USA.

3. Dedicated masterclock with certain input and output time signals

4. Very accurate and Higly stable oscillator masterclock

5. Network Time Protocol masterclock reference

5. Pulse output reference with period from 100 Micro second to 48 hours

6. GPS reception for time reference

Refference Product:

GMR1000 Multifunction Masterclock Systems with various outputs: NTP, IRIG-B, IEEE 1344 standard etc.

Digital LED Slave CLock with various sizes, 4 digits, 6 digits. date and clocks alternatives.

Analog Slave CLocks with various diameter

GPS Reception Antenna

Please contact our  for design proposals

Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA)

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika has long history for public address and general alarm products. We are not only fields installation but we are also a supplier to Oil and Gas sector and also industrial sector for Explosion proof PAGA, Non hazardous area PA etc. We also provide services on MAINTENANCE CONTRACT to make your PAGA to be always in "healty" condition. We supply Bouyer.SA.  Public Address Systems complete with amplifier, speaker, microphone, zone selector, voice recording etc.  We are also reseller for Gai-tronics PAGA for special Oil and Gas class I, div 1, div 2, div 3 application, complete with: Handset station, speaker amplifier, microphone, main panels, flashing beacon, industrial telephone etc,


We also sell equipment for Conventional Communication Radio and Repeater complete with field Installation services in the industry and project. We sell Motorola and Entel UK radio with frequency in UHF and VHF ranges. We are also selling special purpose radio for maritime and coastal application.



Computer, PC, Notebook, Server, Storages, WIFI, ACCESS POINT, Networking, Software, Windows, Ubuntu, printers etc. Hewlett Packard Reseller.


Telephone for Clean Room Area like: Hospital , Chemical Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Laboratory,  and other clean and steril area etc. 


Starting  in 2013, we established a unit business known as "SCM DATA SOLUTION" one of our unit bussinesses serving on "Financial and Banking Industry" sector.  We are Electronics Data Capture (EDC) provider and maintenance services by providing EDC equipments and networking services. We provides reliable hardware insfrastructures and and also software application for Banking, data transfer, data traffic switching etc. Get ready to grow your business by joining nation-wide SCM DATA SOLUTION EDC networks.