Brief Info/Info Singkat

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika (PT. SCM) is a system integrator, for Information Technology, Computer, Telecommuication and COntrol Systems. PT. SCM was established in the year 2000 in the middle of economy crisis in South East Asia. Supported with wide experienced human resources in design, planning, product knowledge, field implementation, testing commissioning and maintenance services, our company has grown to become a company with unique specialications in ICT engineering and services.


PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika has experienced for more than 20 (twenty) years serving EPC contractors in Indonesia. Working both in large and small scale projects in Indonesia. Projects area are in ICT area includes: Public Address and General Alarm System, Master Clock System, Tower Clock Systems, Conventional Radio Communication System, Repeaters, Satellite Communication (VSAT), CCTV Surveilance Systems, Computers, Servers, Storages, LAN Data Networks, Grounding Systems, Broadband Access, Computer Software Installation, Computer Security System, Banking Application Systems etc.

Our company is also serving Engineering design, Field Installation and Supervisory, Testing and Commissioning.


Our customers area: Power Generating Plant, Geothermal Power Plant, Oil Refinery, Oilfield Offshore, Gas Turbine Power Plant, High Rise Building, Banking Industries, Trading Industries, Airport, Railway Stations, Marine Services, Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmacy etc. We provide services ranging from engineering design, procurements to field installation, test and commissioning. Material and equipment supply etc. We also provide ICT services by contract bases: software security system, storages, data service, servers, computer, printer and also LAN, WIFI, Remote website maintenanance etc.


Our company provides installation services in the project site. Type of works: pull and lay off cable, install cable tray and conduits, cable termination, equipment installation, testing and commisioning. Equipment are Computers, Servers, Printers, Softwares (windows base or Linux Base software, security software), VSAT earth station, PABX  and TELEPHONE, Clean Room Telephone, networking. We sell and install quality products from leading manufacturer worldwide and also local product with SNI (Indonesian Nasional Standard) for Industrial quality. Our engineers are local engineers with additional knowledges in marine, offshore, oil and gas working environment to increase their safety and, EeX Public Address Systems, CLOCK SYSTEMS, Synchronization Clock, Reference Clock, Conventional RADIO and REPEATER, WIFI etc.


Marine Service

Growing demans of mobil communication for maritime business, we are able to supply equipment and spareparts for marine communication and also technical services. Radio, VSAT, antenna etc.



One of PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika's Busines Unit is Data Solution And Services has specific services to Banking Industries. We are a service provider for EDC (Electronics Data Capture) to Banking industries by contract.  Not only provide EDC machine but we are also capable to configure and develope application software relatited to payment gateway and EDC systems to meet customer requirement.