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Welcome to PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika has been 18 years running both "ICT engineering Services" and "Industrial Supply'". Our main business on Information Technology and Communication services to: Oil and Gas Industries, EPC company, Power Generating Plants, Telecommunication Operators, Airport operators, Railway Station operators, Marine Services, Banking Industries, Public Area Services, Government Offices, Hospitals etc.

We are able to work on: design, procure and field installation and Test Commisioning with very competitive price and high standard of work quality and satisfaction.

Part of our services is purpose "ICT Maintenance Contract Services" to secure and optimize your investment in ICT infrastructures and reducing operating Cost also Safely guard your business in the global world.

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika Data Solution is a nother Unit business which concentrate on Banking Industries services. We provide EDC services base on rental basis and selling to users.

Area of business:

  • Public Address and General Alarm for Hazardous Area, Explosion Proof class. Handset station, PAGA PAnels, Amplifier, Ceiling Speaker, Wallmount Speaker, Horn Speaker. Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Industrial Public Address: intercom, speakers, microphone, amplifiers, mixers, telephone, flashing beacon, indoor and outdoor etc.,
  • Master Clock systems: masterclock, slave clock, Tower clock, digital clock, LED and LCD display etc.
  • Tower Clock Builder: Tower Clock, Street Clock, Large Diameter Wall mount Clock etc.
  • Industrial Reference Clock, Synchronization clock, High stability Oscillator, dedicated ntp clock, gps reception antenna, receiver, industrial clock reference, network clocks etc.
  • Computer and peripherals: computers, servers, storages, printers, broadband, networks, softwares and security systems etc.
  • Radio communication Systems, VSAT earth station,
  • Clean Room Telephone
  • Electronic Data Captures (EDC), network services, servers, EDC equipment and maintenance, Financial Software development etc.
  • cables, fiber optics.
  • ICT maintenance contract : ICT infrastructures, data backup, recovery, corporate website builder and maintenance etc.


1. Indonesian DISTRIBUTOR and AFTER SALES Support for Masterclock Inc. USA.   Masterclock, NTP Clocks, IRIG -B Clock, Digital Slave clock, Analog Slave CLocks. We can provide our customer for  Technical Design, Pricing, Installation and Test Commisioning and After sales services.

2. Bouyer Public Address: Speaker, Amplifier, Microphone, Mixer etc.

3. Dealer for Gai-tronics PAGA, Explosion proof (EeX) stasion, speaker, amplifier, Eex telephone, flashing beacon, cable, Clean Room Telephone etc.

4. Entel Professional Communication Radio: HT Radio VHF/UHF, ATEX, Instrisically Safe Radio, GMDSS Marine Radio

4. Hewlett Packard Home and Office Computers, Printers, Servers, networks etc

For detailed Information on technical, pricing and proposal please do not hesitate to contact us. marketing@pt-srikandi.co.id.


Thank you for visiting our website.

PT. Srikandi Cahya Mustika.