Installation and Maintenance

We offer our engineering services from design to field installation Test and Commissioning and Maintenance Services. Our engineers and technisions are experienced working on the project field like: power plant, offshore platform, geothermal, office building, high rise building, tower, refinery and oil and gas sector.

Please ask for installation, Test and Commision and maintenance services to our marketing at email:

Our expertise are:

1. Public Address and General Alarm System: Gai-tronics, Bouyer Systemes. PA

2. Masterclock Systems, GPS Reception Antenna, Tower Clocks, Slave Clock

3. Radio Communication and Repeater: Motorola

4. Data Cabling and Networking, WIFI

5. Computer, Server, Printer, Storages etc.

6. SOFTWARES: Data Back-UP, Windos OS, Linux, Ubuntu, security systems

7. LAN, Fiber Optics