Entel Radio

ENTEL RADIO Complete range products Radio Communication Systems:

Entel radios offer broad functionality and are designed for use in harsh environments. Some of the features that make them superior to competitors' radios are as follows:

1.         Tough and Durable - fully waterproof, conforming to European IP68 (withstands a depth of 5 metres for 1 hour); exceed MIL STD 810C/D/E/F rating for tough enduring performance, ensuring many years of trouble free use.

  2.         Wide range of frequency bands available - Entel is flexible to develop any frequency band based on specific requirements, however the existing bands are:

      *  VHF 66-88 MHz                    

       * VHF 136-174 MHz

       * UHF 400-470 MHz         

       * UHF 450-520 MHz        

      * Band III 174-208 MHz

       * 800 MHz

 3.         ATEX Approved IIC - the ATEX certified portables for hazardous environments meet IIC T4 which is the most stringent ATEX rating as per EU directive 94/9/EC.

  4.         GMDSS Approved - marine VHF radio is fully compliant to IMO and is MED wheel mark approved.

  5.         Intrinsically Safe IECEx approved HT500 Series radios - This new range shares the same commercial grade cabinet as Entel’s ATEX approved HT800 and HT900 series radios.

  6.         MPT1327 Trunked - fully tested by Fylde micro, radios are compliant with MPT signalling, including Regionet43.

 7.         Advanced signalling - high tier models offer 5-tone selective signalling, covering EEA, CCIR I, CCIR II, ZVEI I, ZVEI II, ZVEI D, and User Defined (full tone frequency range)

 8.         Intelligent Lithium-Ion Battery with Built in Charge Cycle Monitoring - this very latest technology counts the battery charge cycles and informs the user when the battery is nearing expiry. Lithium cells store a charge up to three times longer than a NiCad.

For further details, please call our marketing at email marketing@pt-srikandi.co.id phone: (+62-21) 478 699 87

For models selection you can visit our factory website http://entel.co.uk